Off Grid Solar Power Plant

       Off-grid systems completely relieve the user from dependency on electrical grids. With an off-grid system, the solar energy system would supply all of the power an Office, a cabin, home or business would need. This type of system refers to solar panels that work independent of a power grid and supply power directly to the house or office. 
5 Kw Off grid System installed in a Printing work at Sahabganj Narayandas, Farrukhaabd
An off-grid system is responsible for providing all power - appliances, lighting, and the electricity required for other utilities. The additional benefit of Off grid system is that being cost effective it provides reliable power even in the adverse weather conditions, seasonally low radiations or unpredictable increased demand of Power.
The off grid system is essential energy source in rural & remote areas of reliable power with low maintenance for long time.
Services Offered by Us
  • Site survey
  • System Designing
  • Preparation of D.P.R
  • Supply, Installation & Testing of Power Plant.
  • Supply of Solar Pannels, Invertor, Batteries, Module Mounting Structure.