Hybrid Solar Power Plant

Usually Hybrid term in renewable energy field is used wherever two different source of energy is inter connected to meet the demand . For example solar & wind hybrid system, solar and disel hybrid, solar, mains or utility Hybrid system.
Majestic India Offers Solar & mains Hybrid Systems up to 50 KVA for Homes, School, Collages, Hospitals, Petrol Pump etc. 
Here the solar system is connected to mains. Priority is given to Solar charging. However during cloudy days or during night when solar energy not available utility power will charge the batteries.
Our Hybrid Solar UPS has Four Charging modes to ensure efficient charging. LCD models will display Battery Voltage,POWER output, charging mode, and inverter temperature.
Solar Home Hybrid Systems( SOLAR MODE) can be used as STAND ALONE SOLAR SYSTEM also by switching OFF the utility power.
POWER CONDITIONING UNIT operation is given in detail in the article PCU
1. when sun shines the utility power will feed the home and solar energy will charge the battery.
i) If the battery is fully charged Charger will cut off.
ii) if supply fails current from solar panels and from battery will feed the inverter and inverter will supply the home loads.
2. When there is no sunshine Utility power is used to charge batteries and feed the home.