Grid Connected Solar Power Plant

     These systems feed power directly to grid substations. The installed capacities of such plant are normally in MW's. For Grid connected Systems there is a feed in tariff, where the State Electrical board pays a predefined tariff for every unit generated & fed into the substation/ utility grid. Such projects do not allow the end users to consume the power generated by the SPV plant directly but only through the grid. 
The size of the system and the requirement of huge area for the installation of the system ensure huge capital investment, such systems are always put up only after proper consideration and involvement of the government authorities. 
      In this system the PV modules are laid in series across vast open spaces generating the Direct Current which is converted into Alternating Current and carried across to the substation or the evacuation point by heavy cables to be metered and feed into the grid.
The voltage and frequency of the feed in current is in phase with the grid to achieve a smooth discharge point.
Services Offered
  • Site survey
  • System Designing
  • Preparation of D.P.R
  • Supply, Installation & Testing of Power Plant.
  • Supply of Solar Panels, Invertor, Batteries, Module Mounting Structure.
  • E.P.C. Contractor